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  1. GiXin CD-DVD Permanent Marker

    • Marker for permanent data proof personalization on CD & DVD's
    • Ideal for marking on most surfaces viz. metal, glass, wood, ceramic etc.
    • Liquid ink technology.
    • Good writing mileage (approx 1000 meter by 7 ml Ink).
    • Available Color: Black, Red
    • Unit of measure: Each
  2. Luxor CD/DVD/OHP Permanent Marker

    • Ideal for marking on acetate films for over head projectors
    • Also suitable for marking on plastic, ceramic &  glossy surfaces
    • Polyester fibre medium tip
    • Heat resistant ink
    • Available ink color: Black, Blue, Green & Red
    • Unit of measure: Each
    Tk 45
  3. Pilot Twin Permanent Marker

    • Pilot Twin Permanent Marker ( Double Tip)
    • Double tip combines two stroke sizes (fine & superfine)
    • Line width: 0.4 mm (superfine), 0.5 mm (fine)
    • Fast drying permanent ink - water & light resistant
    • Available Color: Black, Red, & Blue.
    • Unit of Measure: Each
    Tk 40
  4. Red Leaf Permanent Marker 707

    • Marks permanently on most surfaces
    • Allows for smooth writing
    • Bullet shaped nib
    • Aluminum barrel
    • Instant drying, water-proof ink
    • Xylene & Toluline free ink
    • Available Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green 
    • Unit Of measure: Each
  5. Red Leaf White Board Marker 737 Red Leaf White Board Marker 737

    Red Leaf White Board Marker 737

    • Handy-sized whiteboard marker for convenient use.
    • Can be dry-wiped from whiteboards & surfaces i.e. glass, formica, porcelain without leaving a trace.
    • Bullet shaped nib caters to your every need.
    • Aluminium barrel of diameter 15 mm.
    • Low odour & environmentally friendly.
    • Available Colour: Black, Blue, Red, Green
    • Unit of Measure: Each

    Regular Price: Tk 62

    Special Price Tk 50

  6. Twin CD & DVD Marker, 0.7mm - 1mm, Black

    • Twin Tip - 2 in 1 Permanent Marker for CD & DVD
    • Marker for permanent and data proof personalization of CD & DVD's
    • Ideal for marking on most surfaces viz. metal, glass, wood, ceramic etc.
    • Polyester fibre tip & Japanese polyacetal tip with SS housing
    • Ensures scratch free marking.
    • Line width: 0.7 mm & 1mm
    • Unit of measure: Each
  7. Unifine Permanent Marker

    • Uni-Fine 70 Permanent Marker
    • Ideal for permanent marking on most surfaces i.e. cardboard, wood, steel, glass etc.
    • Available Color: Blue, Black, Red, Green
    • Unit of measure: Each
  8. Unifine White Board Marker

    • Unifine Whiteboard Marker
    • For use on white board, dry erase non-porous surfaces i.e. glass, glazed ceramic etc.
    • Alcohol based ink, easy wipes off with dry tissue, duster.
    • Available Color: Black, Red, Green, Blue
    • Unit of measure: Each
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8 Item(s)